Project: Sound Designer - Dave Smith Instruments - Tempest

Sound Design and Beta Testing for the Dave Smith Instruments/Roger Linn "Tempest" Analog Drum Machine

Project: Sound Designer and Composer - Beatport Sounds - Sounds/To/Sample

Sound Designer and Composer of the Beatport - Sounds/To/Sample library "Dark Side Of Glitch Step".

Project: Sound and Preset Design - Audiospillage "Drumspillage" Percussion Synthesizer

Preset Designer, Architecture and Feature Consultant and Beta Tester for the Audiospillage percussion software plug-in's "DrumSpillage" and "Elecktroid".

Project: Preset Design for Modular Spectral DSP Plug-In "SpectrumWorx"

Preset Designer for "Spectrumworx" plug-in by Little Endian Ltd.


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